Gismo Halloween Hat

Howdi peoples that have come to visit my tiny little corner of the internet! It’s me, Linda! Let me just start by saying that, to me, writing this little excerpt is like sticking hot pokers in my eyes. but… I heard someone say “but what about the people?” So, I figured I’d best write a little something, lest one of you bursts into tears. I’ve been doing the photography thing for a while now, but I didn’t really become passionate about it until about 2006 when I got my first DSLR. I’m not one of those cool photographers that received a camera on their 2nd birthday and hasn’t been able to put it down since. However, ever since I can remember I have always been passionate about drawing and painting. I went on to study fine art for some years in college and graduate school, but never got a formal degree out of it. Instead I studied to become a physicist and a chemist.. because science! Throughout my military service, college and graduate school I stayed passionate about art and eventually I shifted my focus to illustration and then photography. I’m not sure what makes me so passionate about photography, I just dig it. I like photographing different subjects including people and landscapes, but I’m most drawn to our fuzzy and feathered friends. I’ve always loved the woods and could have easily been raised by wolves.. so long as those wolves had nice warm showers and a soft bed to sleep on that is. So, now I work as a freelance photographer and sometimes I science things. I also love sharing what little I know with others and have enjoyed forcing everyone, including strangers to listen to my rantings teaching and mentoring. Thanks again for stopping by! I’m for hire*! Oh and before I forget.. I am a mommy to a very sweet little fuzzy man named Gismo. He loves treats, scritchins and treats. Gismo serves as my assistant on most assignments, unless the assignment doesn’t involve treats. Then no, no assisting will take place then.

*sarcasm included at no additional costs.

Linda van Rosmalen

Chandler, AZ
Phone: 404.852.9482

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